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Yoga for Young Mothers
Congratulations on becoming a Mum! Now that you have a baby, there is all the more reason to take care of yourself - your health, your looks and your body. This amazing book gives you simple and easy asanas and meditation techniques to make you look as beautiful and toned as ever, with the extra energy and charge you need to take care of your bundle of joy.
Yoga in Pregnancy and Childbirth
Congratulations! You are going to be a Mum! During these months full of ecstasy and sometimes anxiety, you need a true friend to help you stay calm and prepare you for that special day - this reliable book with simple and easy-to-do asanas and meditation techniques is just what you had wished for.
Beauty Yoga for Girls: Figure Correction, Memory and Concentration, PMS

This yoga book, written in a concise and easy-to follow manner, helps you tackle the peculiar problems associated with girls in teens, like PMS. There are asanas to help your radiant skin glow better, figure correction and height improvement; indeed, everything to help you have a beautiful body and a beautiful soul. For, a beautiful 'young lady' like you deserves all the beautiful things in the world.
Yoga for Women After Forty
Life really begins at forty, so it is still not late to initiate yourself into the world of yoga if you are not practising it already. You have more time to yourself now than ever before and these simple and effective asanas help you to invest in your health and well-being. There are meditation techniques specially designed to nurture you and bring you inner peace. Don't be surprised if you find yourself falling in love with yourself all over again!
Yoga to Fight Fatigue
A book with simple and easy-to-do asanas to overcome chronic fatigue. The purpose of the book is to rejuvenate your mind and body with an abundant flow of positive energy at the end of a stressful day.
Yoga for Strength & Stamina
This book is meant to be used independently as well as a companion set of Yoga to fight Fatigue. Once you have overcome fatigue, and want to raise your strength and stamina levels, this book will prove to be your best friend. Designed to give you a definite edge, these asanas were carefully chosen to help you develop strength and the flexibility to cope with the routine stress. Just follow these practical, powerful asanas, and you'll find yourself living life happier and fuller!