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There are a large number of teachers training courses available so it can be hard to chose but this is what I can say about Seema's tt. I have taught many classes since completing the course in November 2009 and so often I feel so very grateful for all I learnt at the Yogastudio. Seema teaches with great knowledge and experience, and without the boundaries of a fixed style. She masters the flexibility of shifting between rigidly focused, to supporting use of props and to having fun and a good laugh on the mat. Nothing prepares you better for teaching then your own solid practice but just after that comes the style of flexibility, improvisation and adjustment taught at Seema Sondhi - The Yoga studio.
Katrine Khurana, Kuala Lumpur
He took less than 5 hrs from the time the contractions started, no epidural, 15mins pushing. Big thanks to Seema for the great preparation. The fact I was so fit and well during my whole pregnancy - really to the last hour - is to a great extent owed to regular Yoga sessions. The doctor actually asked which studio I had attended after the little worm was safely with the pediatrician.Max is a very healthy and relaxed little fellow, sleeps a lot and rarely ever cries for more than a minute. It's just so wonderful being his mum!!
Antje Fuchs, proud mother of yoga baby Maximilian
Dearest Seema,
You have been an inspiration for me and I can honestly say, without hesitation, that your course has changed my life. The way I see the world, the way I see those around me and the way I see myself, it is all so different, and I hope that through yoga, I continue to evolve.I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing, you have a true gift.
Love Tee (Teachers Training, April 2012)
I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and feel so much more enlightened as a result. I now have a whole new perspective and understanding of yoga, whereas, before, I saw it as purely physical. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. You and Bindiya are amazing ladies and amazing teachers! I will definitely spread the word!
Love, Geeta (Teachers Training, April 2012)
The last 5 weeks have been a very intensive time for me. I learnt a lot about yoga, asanas, pranayama and meditation. I liked the atmosphere, the hard work and the fun I had with the lovely group and the nice teachers. I enjoyed every day to come to the studio. Thank you very much Seema and Bindiya. I had a great time and I am sad the teachers training will be over soon.
Vita (Teachers Training, April 2012)
I love coming to your studio to do yoga. I mostly come to feel the energy in the room that you have created over the years. Being present on my yoga mat, in the heat of an Indian summer, listening to your voice (and of course the chaotic sound of beeping horns and vegetable vendors passing by outside), will always be my most enduring memory of India. Within the chaos there is always peace. Thanks Seema.
Hannah House ( Teachers Training, April 2012)
Thanks so much for teaching us and for being so patient with us. I like your natural way of teaching where I can evolve new forms of life! With lots of love from Marie.
Marie v. Alvensleben, (Teachers Training October 2011)
I just wanted you to know that you are such an inspiration! I have been thinking about these past 6 weeks and it is difficult to put in words how I feel, we learned so much, we grew so much, we changed so much, you opened up so many doors. Truly amazing! You are my GURU.
Ellen Brenoe,(Teachers Training October 2011)
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for introducing me to the beautiful world of yoga. I was clueless about the strength of the yoga mat until I joined the studio. Well, I am still a humble beginner and I am yet to embody the practice completely but I can already feel its potential. I have gone through professional and personal challenges in the last few months. The studio, the people, the vibes and the practice helped me overcome those challenges mentally to a large extent. I came to the studio with many injuries in my body. I don't feel those anymore. I feel lighter, fitter and better :) At the studio, I have also met people who are special to me. Well, I really want to continue my practice. I just hope that I can do so. I want to thank you again for the book you gifted me and for your lovely notes. I will keep it with me and refer to it every now and then. 
Rony Chowdhury
Thank you so much for such a valuable and enlightening five weeks. We have all enjoyed our time with you at the yoga studio. Your generous, enthusiastic and loving spirit has touched each of us and we thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us. We will certainly each in our own way-keep 'spreading the word of yoga'.
Students from the Teachers Training Course May 2008
Here's thanking you for making my introduction to yoga so special and fulfilling. You'll never know just how much I have relied on you and the wonderful people at the yoga studio in these last 18months. I'll miss you all so much and will try to catch a class whenever I'm in Delhi.
With love Alison Barrett
I want to thank you for bringing positive change in my life by introducing me to yoga. When you begin your class you say to us- "feel your body, own it; acknowledge your own limitations and feel at ease with yourself". I suppose somewhere as I began tuning to the sound of your voice and your instructions; I actually listened to this liberating advice. So now yoga is not about acrobatics for me. I feel at ease with wherever I am- only reaching within that comfort, feeling good about just trying. I like to place my trust in your voice and in your knowledge. It relieves me of all decisions- which asana, to hold for how long, what routine etc. so being the lazy girl I am, I emerge like a relaxed person after a massage session after your class. The environment in the studio is also really nice. So again, thanks for everything. I hope to learn more from you.
Amisha Singhal
Just a note to say thank you teaching me yoga during my stay in Delhi, I really loved coming to your classes and think you are a great teacher.
Ruth, Visiting from Scotland
What a wonderful studio you have and a beautiful practice. I've been very grateful for having met you and shared some friendship and good times. I will remember you by thinking about your wonderful, gentle and open spirit.
Sally sharrock U.S.A
Your classes were inspiring, challenging and fulfilling. Thank you so much for all the energy and the lovely classes.
Namaste, Sally
I can relax and I feel comfortable both body and soul. I feel my muscles relaxed, and my body toned. I used to feel a slight backache when I stood for a long time, but after I took yoga lessons my backache was healed from the spine curvature that I had. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and energy.
Yuko Wada, Japan
The passion that Seem has for yoga and for teaching it the right way, has made me realise that yoga is a way of life and should be carried on all through life. I will be leaving India but will carry it on when I reach Pittsburgh.
Puja Vij
Every day I practice yoga with your sweet voice by my side. Thank you very much for teaching me yoga.
Lidia, Spain
I finished my Teacher Training at The Yoga Studio in May 2008 and have been teaching ever since. Every time I step onto my yoga mat I am thankful for the vast knowledge and experience Seem shared so generously with us. She teaches with high demands from her students, but is loving and supportive in bringing them along. Her energy, dedication and humour made the weeks of Teacher Training some of the best of my life and prepared me, I believe, in the best way possible to begin my own teaching. Thank you, Seema!
Jill Kobza, Philippines
I want to thank you for all the assistance you have provided me during my practise and for making me a better person... You truly are my inspiration. Yoga has helped me discover the inner me, I truly appreciate the information and advice you have given me as well as the connections you have shared with me. Your expertise and help have been invaluable during this process for which I stand confident today!
Deevya Doshi
Just two simple words speak volumes -Thank you!! Just to express my heartfelt gratitude for having shown immense faith in me.
Love, Jhula
I am fortunate to have found you here in India! You welcomed me with your open arms into your warm and beautiful yoga community. I immediately found my centre and all that is important, you reminded me that everything and anything is possible. And I have learned so much from you! Thank you Seema!
Kindly, Meisha
I will miss you but you will remain my inspiration.
Much love, Clare
Thank you Seema, You have given me more than I thought possible through what I used to believe was "just exercise"!
With Gratitude, Love and Hugs, Aurali
Thank you! That is really what to say to one person who teaches you how to live!
Dr Harbeen Arora
I am Scottish, living in India and gave birth to our baby boy here in Delhi. My husband and I found Seema's classes extremely helpful during the weeks running up to the birth. For me, it was great to practice breathing, relaxation and to build up strength specifically for my labour. My husband and I also found it useful to learn massage and breathing exercises together. To add to that, we found the sessions a lot of fun...I'm sure laughing is good for the baby-bump!
Alicia Greated
I was three months pregnant when I began yoga classes for pregnant women at the yoga studio. The classes were given in small groups (2-4 women) which was excellent. The yoga teacher, Seema, gave every woman personal attention, customising the lesson to suit everybody's own needs. The lessons were really very good and Seema is a well trained and experienced yoga teacher. Her lessons helped keep me in shape and energised during my whole pregnancy - which went very smoothly. It helped me prepare for giving birth as well. And last but not least, the lessons were good fun.The last class I took was a few days before I delivered my baby, a beautiful and healthy girl. After six weeks I started with the regular yoga classes at the yoga studio to get back in shape, and to give me more balance in my life to take care of my baby together with a full time job. I would certainly recommend Seema's yoga classes.
Sharmila Bhari
Seema, thanks so much for making this yoga teacher's training course! You are a gifted teacher, and truly an inspiration to all of us! Thank you! I hope we can keep in touch! Take care.
Annie Yamada