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The yoga studio is an ambient space that was created by Seema Sondhi in 2001, where she could spread the light of yoga.  The thought is to help individuals on a healthier and more peaceful path by teaching them a system of exercise that fully integrates the body, mind and soul.

Seema’s foray into the world of yoga came at a time when her body suffered three lumbar slip discs and she was advised complete bed rest. The physical pain coupled with the agonizing mental battle lead her towards restorative yoga classes.  The practise of pranayama, chanting and mediation lead to her body building strength and stamina and her mind gaining clarity.

Within a year she managed to discontinue the use of the belt that supported her spine, her body was supple and she started to live with awareness and consciousness. After this experience Seema began her learning process as the inner realization of the therapeutic and healing benefits of yoga began to dawn upon her. She is now a reputed wellness expert and lifestyle guru who has been involved with the fitness world for 15 years and has gained in-depth knowledge in the field. She has been certified from the “International Sivananda Vedanta and Yoga Center” and studied under the tutelage of famous yoga gurus such as Sri. Pattabhi Jois in her quest for yogic knowledge. Seema has also successfully completed training from Matthew Sweeney and is certified to teach the moon sequence. She has been featured in various TV shows, magazines, newspapers and has also authored six books.




Seema has been practicing yoga for the last three decades & has sought guidance from yoga gurus from over the world. She loves to keep learning everyday and has helped guide her students into the path of yoga.



Yoga was always an integral part of her everyday routine, she has been trained under the guidance of Seema. Sakshi's classes are a challenging mix of strength building & flexibility to help you move deeper into your practice.

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