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Teachers Training 300 Hr

Next batch dates to be announced , please email if interested

Not just a Yoga Teacher Training, this course can help you create the life you’ve always wanted, achieve the good health you’ve always dreamed of and set you on the path to discovering the amazing human being you really are! Our 300 hours program is certified with the YAI and meets all the required criteria. Seema Sondhi’s teacher training does not offer a specific ‘style’ of yoga practice. Rather it is an accessible and complete learning method that contains within it, the keys to safe and effective yoga practice integrated with functional, practical and assessable ways to bring the ‘body-mind’ system back into balance. With this understanding and through demonstration of the practical and philosophical application of this art form, you will be able to guide yourself and students along their own path to health and well-being.


Next batch dates to be announced , please email if interested

Yin Teachers Training 100 Hr

The Yin Yoga TTC is perfect for yoga teachers wanting to learn more about this restorative form of yoga. You will discover the practice and experience of Yin Yoga along with its history & concepts. The course is conducted by Seema along with her teachers and is a 100 hour certified teaching course.

The course will teach you how to professionally teach this deep and powerful style of Yoga while gaining a deep understanding of the Yin postures, and how to modify and vary them for different levels of practice and flexibility for your students

The course will be later on moving into the history and philosophy behind the yin practice. Seema will guide you through your learning and touch upon the meridians of the body along with brief history of the taoist philosophy.

Pre Post Natal TTC

Next Batch: 17th August 2023 - 7th September 2023

Pre & Post Natal Teachers Training 100 Hr

The Pre & Post Natal teachers training is suited for teachers wanting to expand their knowledge and certify themselves to teach Pre & Post Natal yoga. The course will equip you with the correct knowledge of asanas, sequences, mudras, breathing techniques & meditation.

The course will prepare you to safely teach yoga to pregnant women through theory and practice and also expand your current yoga knowledge. It will also help you to learn how to educate and prepare the women through their nine months of 
pregnancy, labour & motherhood.

The course is a 100 hour teaching course in which you will be effectively taking classes through the course which will help you gain confidence to teach women at this delicate stage of their life.

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